2020 RG Australian Championships

27th - 30th May

Melbourne Arena, Melbourne VIC

L10, Sub Junior - SNR, Groups

RG State Team Newsletters

The State Team Newsletters contain all relevant travel and Australian Championships event information for State Team Members.  Newsletter 1 will be released in February 2020 and contains important information on how to nominate for the State Team and any important State Team dates.  Newsletter 2 is for selected Team members and will be released shortly after the selection of the team.
RG Newsletter 1
(Adobe PDF File)

RG State Team Nominations

All Nomination Forms are due to be submitted to Gymnastics WA by Monday 24th February 2020.  
Nominations will not be accepted prior to 9th February, as applicants need to have attended uniform try-ons prior to submitting a nomination. The only exception to this rule is for judges who do not require any uniform items or previous team members who do not require any new clothing items from Adidas or GK.

Please ensure that you have read all the information on the State Team Homepage and also have read through Newsletter 1 (above) carefully before downloading and submitting a nomination form.


Athlete Nomination Form

Coach Nomination Form

Judge Nomination Form 

Team Management / Medical Nomination Form

For any further information regarding State Team travel please contact Melissa Read stateteams.events@gymnasticswa.asn.au or 9228 9399

State Team Roles & Responsibilities

RG Judge Funding Information

Any Judges wanting to apply for funding from the RG Judges Assembly to attend Australian Championships must complete the below Funding Request Form.  Also attached below is the RG Travel Funding Requirements, which outlines the criteria for funding.
Judge Funding Request Form  - due Monday 25th Feb