Annual Award Nominations - Now Open!

Attention all Clubs & Technical Members,

Nominations for the 2021 Gymnastics WA Annual Awards are now open!  The Gymnastics WA Award Regulations are attached below for your reference.  For those gymsports who have Specific Awards which are listed in the Appendix I or II of the Award Regulations as being able to be nominated by clubs, please refer to the Technical Regulations for that gymsport for further information.  

Please consult all of the above-mentioned documents when preparing your nominations for each category.  Make sure that you read through all possible awards to ensure that you have the opportunity to recognise those in your community who deserve it!   Please also make sure that you leave enough detailed information to assist the committees with making an informed decision.  Some nominations last year were very brief and therefore unsuccessful!
Once you have sorted through all of the nominees which your club wishes to put forward, please complete the relevant nomination forms, which can be accessed by clicking on the award heading below.  

The number listed next to each award corresponds to the number from the Award Regulations document: 

4. Award of Merit - Service Nomination Form
9. Gymsport Official Rookie of the Year Nomination Form

10. Gymsport Official Community Service Award Nomination Form

13. Gymsport Long Service Coach of the Year Nomination Form

14. Gymsport Rookie Coach of the Year Nomination Form 
15. Gymsport Community Service Coach of the Year Nomination Form 

21. GfA Community Club of the Year Award
22. Connecting Our Community Award 
23,24 Building Our Community Award (Metro & Regional)
25. Celebrating Our Community Award
Gymsport Coach of the Year   (if stipulated by a gymsport in Appendix II that clubs can nominate for these awards)

GfA Outstanding Service Award  (as per 2021 GfA Award Regulations)

GfA Athlete Achievement Award   (as per 2021 GfA Award Regulations)

Nominations close on 
Friday 12th November.  

If you need any further assistance in putting together these nominations please contact Gymnastics WA - 9228 9399.