22 July 2021

WA Athletes Excel at Australian Championships

The WA State Team travelled to the Gold Coast in May to participate in the 2021 Australian Gymnastics Championships.  Despite the many challenges over the past 12 months, Gymnastics WA was proud to send six teams of athletes, coaches, judges and management staff to the event which ran over two action packed weeks from 12 – 26 May.

The continued uncertainty surrounding interstate travel ultimately impacted on our final team size, with a total of 98 athletes, 11 Coaches, 9 Judges and 7 Management Staff travelling to the event across Men’s, Women’s Rhythmic, Aerobic, Trampoline and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

The WA Team was very excited to attend the event following the cancellation in 2020 and competed very well, winning a total of 53 medals at the event.  A full list of medallists is listed below:

Gold Medallists and Australian Champions:

  • Matthew Roberts (High Flyers) – MAG L9 U17 Rings
  • Sophie Bates (Vital) – WAG L8 Bars
  • Summa Hill (WAG HPP / Swan Districts) – WAG L9 U13 All Around, Vault, Beam & Floor
  • Eva Frakolakis (Vital) -  WAG L9 U13 Bars
  • Eva Frakolakis, Summa Hill  & Charlotte Roberts (Vital) – WAG L9 U13 Team
  • Leyla Do (Vital) – WAG L9 All Around, Beam
  • Emma Morris (Vital) – WAG L10 All Around, Bars & Floor
  • Lauren O’Brien (NDGC) – WAG L10 Floor
  • Ursula Sadlo (Active / WAG HPP) – WAG Future International All Around, Vault, Beam & Floor
  • Savannah Doyle (NDGC) – AER L8 Intermediate
  • Lara Mountain (Peak) – DMT Level 7 Open
  • Chloe Gillespie (High Flyers) – TUM Level 7 Open
  • Sienna Williams (High Flyers) – TRP Youth U15
  • Sally Bennie (High Flyers) – TRP Junior U17
  • Jack Petrie (High Flyers) – DMT Senior


Silver Medallists:

  • Todd Brinkworth (High Flyers) – MAG L9 Open Rings
  • Sophie Bates – WAG L8 Beam
  • Summa Hill – WAG L9 U13 Bars
  • Eva Frakolakis – WAG L9 U13 All Around
  • Poppy Smith (Vital) – WAG L10 Beam
  • Ursula Sadlo – WAG Future International Bars
  • Olena Edmeades (Vital / WAG HPP) – WAG Junior Bars
  • Sarah Lehmann (NDGC) – AER National Development
  • Nikita Burton & Kaitlyn Holden (NDGC) – AER L8 Multiples
  • Jens Crosbie (High Flyers) – DMT L6 U17
  • Charlotte McGregor (High Flyers) – DMT L6 U17
  • Evie-May Gallacher (Freo Flyers) – Youth U15 DMT & TUM


Bronze Medallists:

  • Todd Brinkworth (High Flyers) – MAG L9 Open Pommel
  • Sophie Bates, Mya Boussi (Vital), Jasmin Farrant (College Park / WAG HPP), Daisy Brayshaw (Academy), Stephanie White, (Vital), Ellie Rayment (Vital), Alex Blycha (T.J’.’s / WAG HPP), Arihanna Shirto (College Park) – WAG L8 Team
  • Charlotte Roberts – WAG L9 U13 Vault
  • Eva Frakolakis – WAG L9 U13 Beam
  • Leyla Do – WAG L9 Floor
  • Lauren O’Brien (NDGC) – WAG L10 Vault
  • Hannah Tarzan (NDGC / WAG HPP) – WAG L10 Bars
  • Emma Morris, Lauren O’Brien, Poppy Smith, Hannah Tarzan, Chloe Stump (Zig Zag / WAG HPP), Taya Lewis-Smith (NDGC / WAG HPP) – WAG L10 Team
  • Olena Edmeades – WAG Junior Vault
  • Lauren Griffiths (Freo Flyers) – TRP L7 Open
  • Ellis Scanlon (High Flyers) – TRP Youth U13, DMT Youth U13
  • Mia Edmunds (High Flyers) – TUM Youth U13
  • Jayden Freind (High Flyers) – TRP Youth U15
  • Evie-May Gallacher, Mia Edmunds, Molly Van Roon (High Flyers) – TUM Team
  • Alisha & Sophie Bates (NDGC) – ACR L6 Women’s Pair Balance

Gymnastics WA would like to thank the Coaches, Judges and Management staff who went above and beyond in order to make the tour a success and congratulations to all athletes who were part of the team in 2021.