29 June 2021

The Social Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers and Infants

Do you have a toddler or an infant? If you’re waiting until they’re older to enrol them into sports classes, think again - gymnastics is the perfect sport for your little mini-me!

Packed full of physical benefits such as increased agility, coordination and cognitive skills,gymnastics can also help teach your child meaningful social skills whilst they have fun. Our kinder gym classes are the perfect space for your toddler to develop vital social skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

We’ve put together our list of just a few of the social benefits of gymnastics for toddlers and infants - read on to find out more!

Do you remember leaving your parents on your first day of school? It’s never easy, especially if you haven’t had much independence as a toddler.

Enrolling your toddler into gymnastics classes can be the first step in learning how to part from their parents before leaving for school - being able to adapt to scary new situations is a vital part of any toddler’s early education!

Learn Patience
You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone good at waiting in line - let alone a toddler!

There’s a lot of waiting that comes with gymnastics, so it’s great practice for your little one to learn the art of waiting their turn. No matter how excited they may be to jump on the trampoline, your toddler can learn the importance of patience by understanding how to wait, listen and treat their coaches and classmates with respect.

These are vital skills that your toddler can take into any social situation as they grow up, as they can understand the importance of controlling their emotions and acting appropriately from a very young age.

Discipline and Self Control
It’s never too early for your toddler or infant to learn discipline and self-control. The earlier your little one can get a handle on self-control, the earlier they can learn to work effectively on their own and with others. It can also teach them vital skills in perseverance as they learn to understand the importance of sticking with a task until it is accomplished.

While gymnastics isn’t always easy and can take a lot of effort, the harder you try the more progress you will see - this is an incredibly valuable way of showing your child the connection between effort and success at a very young age.

These skills your toddler will start to learn in gymnastics can be carried into school, their future jobs and into their personal relationships in the future.


Say ‘team sport’ and gymnastics may not come to mind - but you’d be shocked to hear just how much teamwork is involved in this sport.

You should expect your toddler to find themselves in a class with a variety of children from different backgrounds, with different skills at different stages in their development.

What gymnastics can help your child learn is the importance of working cooperatively with others in their class. From learning to interact with their coach, to teaming up and doing partner drills, gymnastics will teach your toddler invaluable skills about teamwork and working effectively with other kids of different strengths.

The best part? Your toddler’s early gymnastics classmates can be friends for life! Your child will naturally feel a sense of belonging within their club, which will only grow as they develop as gymnasts.

Develop Self-Confidence
It should come as no surprise that a toddler who develops their independence, patience, discipline, self-control and teamwork skills will naturally develop self-confidence with gymnastics. Just as any physical activity releases endorphins, the simple act of your child doing gymnastics is associated with increased positivity and higher confidence.

By taking on any challenge, big or small, your child will learn to believe in themselves and that their hard work pays off. A child with self-esteem is a happy and healthy child who is ready to take on any social situation - something that will follow them throughout their entire life.

If your little one can take on a class all by themselves, listen to instructions, wait patiently for their turn, get along with others and learn to persevere, it is safe to say they will be one determined and confident toddler!

If you want your toddler to develop vital social skills in a fun and stimulating environment, enrol them in a gymnastics club! Gymnastics WA supports a variety of gymnastics clubs across the state that encourage positive movement for all abilities, kids and adults alike!

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