23 April 2021

COVID-19 Update - 23 April 2021

Effective from midnight tonight, 23 April 2021 until midnight Monday, 26 April, the Perth metropolitan area and Peel region will enter a 3-day lockdown, based on health advice. The Western Australian community are required to wear masks from 6pm tonight, 23 April 2021. 

Measures are being implemented due to a fast evolving situation in Western Australia after positive COVID-19 cases detected in the community. The following closures will affect our Gymnastics Clubs and wider community within the Perth and Peel region. During the enforced three-day lockdown, the following will be required to close:
- Gyms and indoor sporting venues ( no community sport is permitted)
- Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities
- Cinemas, entertainment venues and casinos
- Pubs, bars and clubs, except for takeaway
- Large religious gatherings and places of worship
- Libraries and cultural institutions

The four reasons for the community to leave their houses over this lockdown period are:
- Work, if you can't work from home or remotely
- Shopping for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies
- Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements and looking after the vulnerable
- Exercise with a maximum of four people, limited to one hour per day (masks to be worn unless it is rigourous exercise)

Premier Mark McGowan announced masks will now be mandatory for anybody leaving their homes from 6pm tonight, 23 April 2021. These are tough measures however are absolutely necessary for the safety of the West Australian public. 

What does this mean for your club:
- All Gymnastics Clubs must remain closed during the three-day lockdown, starting from midnight tonight, 23 April 2021
- Adhere to all Western Australia Government restrictions, including any additional updates during this lockdown period. 

Gymnastics WA will give a further update regarding the upcoming WA Gymnastics Championships in the coming days.