2019 Gymnastics WA Team Future Camp - Wrap Up Article

In October 2019, Gymnastics WA delivered the inaugural MAG Team Future Camp, alongside the continuing WAG Team Future Camp. The Team Future Camps have been established to foster the development and success of Western Australian MAG and WAG athletes in international competition. It also provided a great opportunity to develop coach and club capabilities to undertake High Performance programs, as well as support athletes to ensure progress along the High Performance Pathway.

The philosophy behind the Team Future Camp is to develop athletes who meet the age requirements tracking towards the development and talent pathways whilst upskilling their coaches with educational workshops.

Each Camp consisted of the following:

  • Apparatus Skill Development
  • Physical Testing
  • Coach Professional Development Workshops

The WAG Team Future Camp took place over the 3rd – 4th October at Northern Districts Gymnastic Club with Master Coaches Katherine Rogers (WA) and Jessica Haintz (VIC) with the assistance of Skyla Woollons (WA).

We also had the pleasure of working with Jessica Greene (WA) who conducted a dance workshop with the athletes as a light hearted activity to learn a commercial style choreographed routine. 

A total of 26 athletes from Levels 5 – 9 attended the camp representing seven Gymnastics WA Affiliated Clubs with 17 coaches being present either as the club coach or as an observer.

This was the third WAG Team Future Camp to occur since its development, and our Master Coach Katherine Rogers made note that the improvement of the athletes since the first camp has been substantial.

The MAG Team Future Camp took place over the 5th – 6th October at High Flyers Trampoline & Gymnastics Academy with Master Coaches Igor Bespalov (WA) and Mitchell Skippen (NSW).

To provide a different aspect to the camp, Ricardo Santos (WA) was delighted to be involved in the camp to accommodate a trampoline based rotation with was both beneficial and enjoyable for the athletes. 

A total of 20 athletes from Level 4 – 7 attended the camp representing two Gymnastics WA Affiliated Clubs with eight coaches in attendance.

This camp was the first MAG specific Team Future Camp to be conducted in WA and was a great success receiving positive feedback from coaches, athletes and parents.

Within the camps, one of the focus points is Physical Testing. This gives clubs and coaches the ability to see where each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses lie as well as provide further insight to the current training programs.

From the physical testing, athletes from each level or age division who scored the highest overall percentage across all areas of the physical testing where awarded as our “High Achiever” athletes.

We would like to further congratulate the following athletes for this achievement:


Tia Delaney – Level 5

Amber Tana – Level 6

Charlotte Roberts – Level 7

Amelia Hughes – Level 8

Aleesha Santaromita – Level 9


Leighton Toyne – Under 10

Liam Stolp – Under 12

Evan Saggers – Under 14

Overall both camps ran successfully and we look forward to delivering more in the future.