Information for Clubs

It is important for clubs and associations to create welcoming and inclusive environments to attract more people into their sport because these sporting environments has a significant impact on a person's experience. The experience that someone has at a club or as part of an association will be a huge factor in whether that participant decides to continue with the sport regularly or not. 

Benefits of becoming an Inclusive Club
  • Access to more members
  • Increased awareness of underrepresented groups in the community
  • Increased diversity of program delivery
  • Access to awards and recognition
  • Staff training and development opportunities
  • Access to funding opportunities
  • Access to resources and support
  • Inclusive community image
  • Increased promotional opportunities
  • Increased partnership adn support
  • Increase club access
  • Sound policies and procedures

Funding Opportunities
There are a number of funding opportunities for those clubs wishing to run Inclusive programs but need extra resources to be able to do so. The following grants can help you get started or help you to continue developing your Inclusive practices and programs. 

GWA Inclusion Grants

GWA Inclusion Grants are aimed at providing financial support to GWA Member Clubs to assist them in developing and implementing sustainable inclusive opportunities within their club and local community. For more information about the GWA Inclusion Grants click here.

Community Participation Funding (DSR)
Up to $5,000 is available from DSR to fund initiatives that target low participation groups (CaLD, People with Disability & Aboriginal populations). The funding is open all year round and project need to aim to increase participation in sport and active recreation or develop the skills of people involved in your organisation or local community. For more information about Community Participation Funding visit the DSR website.

KinderGym Social Inclusion Resource

Developed in collaboration with Inclusion Solutions with the support of Sport Australia, this important resource seeks to ensure all children, particularly those most marginalised, have access and can participate in KinderGym. The handbook provides important and valuable resources for clubs and coaches alike, to assist in their understanding of inclusion and its importance, how to ensure classes are inclusive and provide opportunities for all to be involved and useful tips for understanding their wider community.

Clubs Guide to Good Access

Gymnastics Victoria have worked with with hands on community solutions to create a guide for clubs to provide physically accessible and communication friendly environments.This guide gives clubs an understanding of best practice and legal standards around club accessibility. If you need further assistance or information in regards to inclusion and physical access around your club, please contact us at [email protected] or 9228 9399.

Communications Board
(Adobe PDF File)
Communication Board

This resource has been developed for clubs to use within their facilities. The resources include a standard communication board, an editable communication board (for clubs to insert personalised images) and images that can be used during gymnastics classes. The communication aids help people who either cannot talk or have speech that is difficult to understand. These aids are commonly used for people with disability but can assist with any communication barrier, such as people who don't speak English.

Clubs Guide to Good Access
(Adobe PDF File)
Getting the Most out of our Gymnasts

This resource is a template you can use at the club to make sure you are getting all the information necessary to delivery high quality programs to your participants. The form also supplies a platform for communicating with families or carers who have participants that require additional support.

Getting the most out of our gymnasts
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