Become a Gymnastics Coach

Welcome to Gymnastics Coaching. We are thrilled to have you contributing to the development of the sport!

With an increasing number of participants of all ages and abilities being drawn to the sport of Gymnastics, more coaches are required across all levels. As a coach you have a key role to play in helping participants develop through gymnastics. Coaches also have a major influence over participants' enjoyment of gymnastics.

It is essential that coaches provide participants with the best possible gymnastics experience. Ensuring that you implement sound coaching practices and ethics is vital to the continued development of gymnastics and sport in general.

Undertaking education and training as a coach is an important first step to ensure that you are on the right track in your coaching. The Gymnastics Australia Coach Education Framework provides training for coaches at a variety of levels across a range of Gymsports.

Get Started

There are a couple of easy steps to get you on your way to becoming an accredited coach:

1. Create an account within Gymnastics Australia's
Learning Management System (the "LMS").

2. Click on the Training Library and find the Beginner Courses. 

3. Purchase and complete the GA - Beginner Coaching Accreditation – Theory. This online component MUST be completed before you are eligible to enrol into a Face to Face course.

4. Check the
GWA Coach Education Calendar for upcoming Beginner Courses.

Go to the Training Event in the LMS, find the date of the course you wish to enrol into, and click all courses.

6. Find the GWA - Beginner Coach Face to Face Course at the location you wish to attend. Click 
Enrol and purchase the course. Upon passing the course, you will be marked as Competent for the Beginner Course and become an accredited Beginner Coach. This can take up to three weeks post course date.

For more information on how to enrol in beginner courses, click here.

Technical Membership

Obtaining a Beginner Coach Accreditation is the first step in the Coaching Pathway. Once you have completed your Beginner Accreditation you will become a registered Technical Member with Gymnastics Australia.

To find out more about Technical Membership and its benefits click here.