Technical Member Benefits

In 2015, all Technical Members who either renew their membership for a further 12 months or attain a membership for the first time will receive free access to a digital version of the Australian Levels Program manual or equivalent for each Gymsport they hold an accreditation in!

To access this exciting new member benefit or to update your address details as well as view a list of your accreditations and updating history, simply log on to Gymnastics Australia Technical Member Portal via If you have never accessed your Technical Membership record online or have not changed your password, simply utilise the following:

Username: enter your Technical Member ID number
Password: enter the combination of your surname and four digit Year of Birth (no spaces)

For example, Jane Citizen, born in 1975, with a Technical Member ID of 1234, will login using the following details:

Login: 1234 (Technical Member ID number)
Password: citizen1975 (surname in lowercase & Year of Birth)

For complete instructions on how to access your free digital version of the Australian Levels Program manual, download the following document:

Australian Levels Program Membership Benefit Flyer

All Technical Members will also receive the following benefits in 2016: 
- Free access to the Australian Levels Program
- An expanded variety of lifestyle and financial benefits through Where To Enjoy, visit to view all of the benefits available;
- A complimentary annual digital subscription to International Gymnast Magazine; and
- Insurance coverage through the National Risk Protection Program, full details can be found at Through the Program, all members have access to quality insurance at an affordable and consistent price, included with the Technical Membership fee. It is important to note however, insurance coverage is only provided to Gymnastics Australia Technical Members when involved in gymnastics activities at affiliated clubs and sanctioned events.