Athlete Benefits

When you join a Club affiliated with Gymnastics WA you benefit through;

Affiliated Clubs 

Gymnastics WA requires that all Affiliated Clubs maintain National Standards that include;

  • Accredited Coaches
  • Qualified First Aid personnel
  • Emergency and Accident Procedures
  • Member Protection Procedures
  • Safety Rules
  • Equipment Maintenance Program

Learning New Skills in a Safe Environment

  • Learning balance, strength, concentration
  • Participating in an exciting sport in a safe environment
  • Gaining fundamental movement patterns transferable to any sport
  • Participating in a gymsport at a Club with approved access to Gymnastics WA and Gymnastics Australia recognised programs.

Individual Member Benefits

  • Sport Injury insurance for all registered members & volunteers 

Quality Coaching

  • Gymnastics WA provides expert education for Coaches and Judges
  • Affiliated Clubs are required to have Accredited Coaches
  • Accredited Coaches are required to update their skills and knowledge every year.

State and National Representation

  • Ability to represent Australia and WA at competitive & participative levels in National and International events.
  • In the high performance area WA also has an outstanding reputation for producing quality athletes capable of competing with the best in the world. We have several world class coaches working at our High Performance Programs.