09 July 2021

Successful Launch of Perth Gymnastics Club

What a night! 85 people joined Perth Gymnastics Academy at the Venues West function centre to celebrate and showcase the launch of the new gymnastics club.  

This event marked the culmination of 8 weeks of work undertaken by dedicated families and coaches of the new club, who worked tirelessly to create the framework which will go on to support the gymnastics community in the Western Suburbs of Perth.

The club has been built on the strong relationships forged through the High Performance Program, fueling the passion and energy by which such a mammoth task has been achieved in such a short time.  The club's aim has always been to “keep the kids, coaches and community together – then share it with others”.

Perth Gymnastics Academy would like to take this opportunity to recognise the WA gymnastics community for their support. Offers of assistance and advice have been encouraging, spurring them to overcome obstacles and move as quickly as they did.  For this the club are grateful.

Now, 12 weeks on since the club was a mere idea, there is much work to do.  With the member base growing and opportunities presenting, Perth Gymnastics Academy are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to working closely with the community.

Three women smiling togetherSeveral children eating lollipops in front of a sign that says Perth Gymnastics AcademyThree women smiling together

Gymnastics WA gives a huge shout out to IRC Gymnastics in Dongara for being recipients of the Active Regionals Communities Grant which is funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. IRC Gymnastics will be using this grant to help fund hosting a coach and judge course at their centre in 2020. Congratulations IRC Gymnastics on your successful grant application!

South West Congress


On Sunday 1st December Bunbury PCYC were fantastic hosts for the first ever South West Congress. This was an opportunity for the coaches in the South West region to participate in a professional development event held in their lovely part of the world. The morning saw Michelle Ranieri from Elements Gymnastics run an athlete clinic focusing on basic shapes then moving onto bars and swings. After the mid-morning break coaches were then exposed to two theory sessions based on injury prevention for athletes and gaining power for vault. The event saw over 25 coaches and 15 athletes. Bunbury PCYC were fantastic hosts as they offered plentiful room for the first day of summer the venue was very comfortable. Gymnastics WA hopes everyone who attended got a lot out of the day and most importantly enjoyed their time.


Club Person of the Month – Fiona Hearn


If you have been involved in PCYC at any stage of your life you will know our Club Person of the Month….Fiona Hearn.

Fiona started at Fremantle PCYC as a gymnast 43 years ago, and has come around full circle to now be the one who gives back to the community in the form of Head Coach at the same Fremantle PCYC. Impressively, Fiona holds a FIG 2 WAG Coaching Accreditation and has coached a state representative (Jaynie who was in the 2017/2018 State Team), Border Challenge Team Member (Georgia) and also taking teams of gymnasts to Prime in Singapore. Fremantle PCYC Gymnastics also have excelled in WA PCYC’s regionals with the Fremantle centre taking out the top club prize on countless occasions.

Whilst the successes are nice it isn’t what Fiona purely focuses on. Fiona loves that WA PCYC strive to provide a fun gymnastics program for all abilities, recreational through to National Levels. It means that anyone who thought they wouldn’t or couldn’t participate in gymnastics now has a home within Fremantle PCYC. The program caters for those gymnasts who want to do limited hours to those wanting to train multiple hours and to those who thought they wouldn’t be able to afford the program. Fiona has been a pinnacle member for gymnastics in not only the southern suburbs but also the WA PCYC community.