TRP World Age Group Competition wrap up

The 26th edition of the International Gymnastics Federation’s (FIG) Trampoline Gymnastics World Age Group Competition wrapped up in St Petersburg last weekend, and it was an incredibly successful meet for the Aussies.  

Following on from the success at World Championships held at the same venue the week prior, where Australian took out the Bronze Medal in the Men’s Synchronised Trampoline Final, our Junior International athletes weren’t prepared to be trumped by their more experienced counterparts.

Despite several instances of injury and illness running through the camp, Australia’s 28-member team rallied when it came time for competition, producing an incredible 17 Finals appearances, resulting in six medals and not one but TWO new Aussie World Champions!  

For a full wrap of the team’s performance in Russia, please see below:

Men’s 11-12 years Individual Trampoline
Brock Batty – 13th 

Women’s 11-12 years Individual Trampoline
Olivia Webster – 33rd 

Men’s 15-16 years Individual Trampoline
Patrick Schluter – 24th
Liam Christie – 57th

Men’s 17-21 years Individual Trampoline
Phoenix Wise – 17th

Women’s 17-21 years Individual Trampoline
Imogen Florian – 8th 
Jessica Pickering – 45th 

Men’s 15-16 years Synchronised Trampoline
Liam Christie & Patrick Schluter – 7th 

Women’s 17-21 years Synchronised Trampoline
Jessica Pickering & Imogen Florian – 4th 

Men’s 11-12 years Double Mini Trampoline
Brock Batty – 10th 

Women’s 11-12 years Double Mini Trampoline
Tamia Fonua – 8th 
Madison Rodd – 19th 

Women’s 13-14 years Double Mini Trampoline
Koralee Catlett – 6th 
Sunday Hollingsworth – 7th 
Molly Mamo – 13th 

Men’s 15-16 years Double Mini Trampoline
Liam Christie – BRONZE

Men’s 17-21 years Double Mini Trampoline
Lleyton Pagett – BRONZE
Connor Dique – 14th 

Women’s 17-21 years Double Mini Trampoline
Cheyanna Robinson – GOLD
Kayla Nel – 8th 

Men’s 11-12 years Tumbling
Joshua Blench – 5th

Women’s 11-12 years Tumbling

Tamia Fonua – GOLD
Madison Rodd – SILVER
Hayley Sepping – 11th 

Men’s 13-14 years Tumbling
Thomas Aivazian – 6th 
Damon Louwen – 15th 

Women’s 13-14 years Tumbling
Breanah Cauci – 10th 
Molly Mamo – 11th 
Koralee Catlett – 24th 

Women’s 15-16 years Tumbling
Georgia Beddall – 22nd 

Men’s 17-21 years Tumbling
Blake Grainger – SILVER
Ethan McGuinness – 4th
Jack Hemmings – 5th