LaunchPad: From Australia to Malaysia

As part of a one year Australian Sports Partnership project, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gymnastics Australia visited Kuala Lumpur and Kuching where 42 teachers came together to participate in two LaunchPad Fundamentals - Teacher Workshops.

We conducted warm up games; one which may be familiar in Australia as ‘Wasp’, we quickly learnt that Bee in Malay is called ‘Lebah’ – so we introduced the ‘Lebah’ game for the teachers to go back and play with their students.

The Dominant Movement Patterns were introduced, which was a new concept to the participants, who were physical education teachers, special needs educators, primary and secondary school teachers. We also identified the numerous components of physical fitness and the teachers were creative in coming up with their own warm up games, whilst disguising the fitness elements and ensuring it was inclusive.

We took part in an Aerobics circuit, using the Activity Cards and music from the AeroFun and AeroSkills resource, and built on these new learnt skills to perform an Aerobics routine – which excitingly for everyone we finished right on the last beat, how is that for rhythm and timing! 

We would like to say ‘terima kasih’ (thank you) to Mimie Man from the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Sport Division, Mama Kok representing the Malaysian Gymnastics Federation and now LaunchPad presenter, the Bukit Jalil Sports School and the Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang Campus for hosting our workshops. 

The relationships forged, training of in-country presenters and with the support of the Ministry of Education in Malaysia, Malaysia hope to continue components of the project post Australia’s involvement, which is a testament to a great LaunchPad participation program we have built in Australia, with comments such as:  

“Can you come back tomorrow, we want more time with you!”

“Please come back each month, we learn so much.”

We can’t wait to see what more comes about in the months to come.

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