Sporting Schools Flying High in WA

Western Australia’s Highflyers Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy is proudly showing what can be achieved with through the Sporting Schools program, following their highly successful program at North Woodvale Primary School over the past term.

The school has received only positive feedback from parents and students about what the program achieved, with North Woodvale’s Physical Education teacher, Mike Zyrucha, deeming it as the schools “most successful gymnastics program yet!”

The lessons where enthusiastically and effectively delivered across four sessions per class by Beth, Lauren and Jennifer, three of the best coaches from Highflyers, with students from prep to grade two participating in the program.

“The girls covered a wide range of skills by fully utilising the school's gym equipment which resulted in students developing higher levels of competence and confidence. It was a great professional learning experience for me too,” Zyrucha said.

North Woodvale is already looking to grow their relationship with Highflyers and is keenly looking to 2016 to continue developing their Sporting Schools involvement.

For information on how your school can get involved with Sporting Schools, through gym clubs and academies like Highflyers, click the linkand start your students on the path to increased foundational co-ordination, confidence and athletic competence.

Already been a part of the Sporting Schools program?  Check out our new website linking Sporting Schools’ students with their local gymnastics club: