Chris Remkes competes at Toyota International

Chris Remkes completed his competition at the Toyota International Gymnastics Competition in Nagoya, Japan over the weekend.

Chris performed some high difficult routines with a view to gain international competition experience.

On Floor, Chris performed a routine with high difficulty (6.7) including a triple twisting double layout.

Unfortunately he fell on the landing. The routine also included a double twisting double tuck, front layout and piked double front, front 2 ½ twist, Arabian double front and triple twist dismount.  Chris performed all skills but had a couple of falls, however the experience of performing these skis in international competition should be of great benefit for his future performances.

On pommel Chris had one fall in his D flop sequence, however Chris is developing a good routine with increasing difficulty looking towards the future.

Vault is another event that Chris is making big progress on and he competed a Dragalescu (handspring double front with ½ turn) with 6.0 value.  The vault was very good scoring over 15.0, however, a fall in his easier Vault, Tsukahara 2 ½ twist put Chris out of a podium finish.

All in all a great learning experience for Chris, putting some highly difficult skills on the competition floor, which will improve his confidence moving forward.

Chris trains at Gymnastic Australia’s MAG National Centre of Excellence program in Canberra with coach Vladimir Vatkin, and is originally from the South Australian Men’s High Performance Centre, where he was coached by Yu Bo.