3rd Level Consulting 

Gymnastics WA has partnered with 3rd Level Consulting to provide affiliated GWA clubs with support and resources to assist them in creating and running a successful club.

Working with organisations and clubs from around the world, 3rd Level Consulting is able to help improve your club efficiency in a variety of different ways.

3rd Level Consulting is to be used as a platform for Club Development to provide clubs a consulting service to assist club owners, committees and managers to run their club effectively and efficiently.  

How can 3rd Level Consulting assist your club?

Management (strategy, systems, business value, leadership)

Marketing (internal, external, public relations, social media)

People (Hiring, orientation, position descriptions, Training and development)

Information Technology (database, front office, customer service, company data)

Finance (principles, pricing and payments, analysis, planning)

Facilities (space allocation, space productivity, maintenance)

Risk Management (safety, insurance, legal, handling crisis moments)

Inspiration (motivation, success formulas, goal setting, change, innovation)


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Business Hotline

For any Business Issues please email:
Association and Technical Support -Barbara Anne May 
CEO and Founder - Frank Sahlein 


3rd Level Consulting Latest News

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